New Amendments in the Consumer Protection Act

Recently, It is decided to make some amendments in the Consumer Protection policy in a Cabinet meeting. Government is planning to enhance the power of consumers in case of grievances. As per the meeting held it is possible that present Consumer Prote
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Discom will be penalized for the blackout

Even though the electricity bills are paid by the public but still they face power blackouts on daily basis which are very frequent too… But now Delhi Government has given a relief to its citizens. Delhi Electricity Regulatory Commission which is
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Pepsi Co. is replacing aspartame from its drink

Pepsi… One of the most wanted cold drink in the market has now announced to make an important change in the drink. Pepsi Co. used to add aspartame in the drink for sweetening the soda which was a neurological poison for the consumer but now the com
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Orders passed against ‘Death by Breath’

Finally a decision is taken by NGT against the diesel vehicles which are older than 10 years, that they are banned to ply in Delhi and the National Capital Region. There was an appeal filled by lawyer Vishal Shripati Jogdand against this ban. As p
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Ban Foreign E-Commerce

RSS the economic wing, has taken an initiative to ban the foreign e- commerce firms such as Amazon and eBay as they are killing domestic players in the Indian market. RSS has asked the government to ban them. RSS has also targeted one of the Indian e
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Air India Flight updates are now easy to access

Air India has taken an initiative to update the flights status by starting dedicated phone lines in four major metro cities. Passengers can check the status by calling a toll-free number about the shuffling of flight timings because of the dense fog.
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Importance of Insurance in your life

Our life today is exposed to many kinds of risks. We as a human undergo many kind of circumstances everyday which can cause any kind of life risk. As far as our belongings are concerned, they are equally having a risk of loss. Though we can not contr
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Flipkart News

The big bumper offer sale of Flipkart has created thunder in e- commerce industry. It has been complained to Fair Trade Regulator CCI against these online retailers including a big gaint like Flipkart for doing unfair business practices. CCI will soo
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Serice Tax Increased

At the time of passing the budget, the Finance Minister increased the service tax rate from 12.36% to flat 14%. This new rate of Service Tax has already been applied from 1st June, 2015. Therefore, services provided before 1st June, 2015 was charged
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Partnership of datawind with Homeshop18

To expand its retail footprints, Tablet maker Datawind get into a partnership with HomeShop18 on Thursday, 15th January 2015. Together HomeShop18 & Datawind is going to launch their exclusive Sales programs across broadcast, mobile and internet media
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Price are Hiked upto 5% by Consumer Durable Firms

Upto 5% prices following the withdrawal of excise duty sops, coupled with high input costs are being increased by Consumer durable firms including Godrej, Haier, Whirlpool, Daikin & Panasonic.Different Companies are increasing their prices on differe
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Android Televisions

Sony is also bringing some new products to light. The products includesSmartwatch 3 with a built in feature of GPS and the smart B-Trainer headset for runners. Sony is also launching its Web connected TVs very soon which are on Google’s Android pla
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High Resolution sony walkman back for Merchandise

Sony is adding a fusion to our life by launching a new model of the music player. Its new Walkman model is coming back with lots of added features. It is with high resolution playback and Bluetooth connected headphones.The new Walkman, targeting audi
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Real Estate Market to Revive after RBI cut rates

As a result of inflation the real estate market went down and buyers were notinterested in buying properties because of the higher bank rates and zero growth.Real Estate market was almost dissolved. But after PM Modi takes over the charge of our Coun
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