Click2Complain is focused significantly on customer business, which puts us together as an exquisite choice for our customers.

Our motto is always to serve our customers on priority basis. We take very less time to get back to you with a solution. Every effort of ours is initiated towards quick fixing your problem. But still if it is felt that your problem is not taken care of as per the procedure then you can request for your money back within 30 days of filling your complaint at our website.

We make every sincere effort to fix your complaint and in case if you are asking for your money back, then it is expected from you to explain and prove your point of dissatisfaction, for which we have to return your money. It is ensured that if we will find your point of explanation valid for your refund, then you will be entitled for either a cashback or a credit note after the appropriate deductions.

We also expect that at the time of filling your complaint at our site, you have provided us with all the relevant and honest information in regard to your case. If, at any point of time, the information provided by you, is found to be incorrect, your case will not be entertained further for any proceedings and you will not eligible to ask for any return of money. The amount you have paid for initiating the action would be forfeited by the company.

Can I make payment after resolving the complaint ?

Our services are based on the customer centric business only. We would be initiating with our actions after receiving your processing fee for the complaint which you have filled. It would be completely impossible for us to start with any action without receiving your processing fee.

In order to co-operate us, so that we can provide you with a solution on time, it is requested to file your complaint along with the processing fee.

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